Direct mail sweepstakes promotions give you the chance to win money and prizes for simply opening an envelope and returning an entry form. But before you enter any sweepstakes, you should always be aware of the laws that protect you and your rights as a consumer. The following information and resources compiled by DMAchoice will help you understand a little more about sweepstakes offers and how they affect you and those in your care.

Sweepstakes Advertising: A Consumer's Guide   (PDF - 92KB)
This guide gives you the tips and information you need to recognize the differences between a legitimate sweepstakes and an illegitimate promotion that may be trying to mislead you. It includes: Sweepstakes Assistance: A Caregiver's Guide   (PDF - 92KB)
While most people understand the basics of direct mail sweepstakes, a small number of consumers—especially older individuals—may have difficulty understanding the rules. This guide provides advice for adult children, friends and caregivers who suspect that someone they know is being deceived or is making unwise purchasing decisions. It includes:

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